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Your body is your greatest ally.

And yet most of us will admit to barely knowing our own body at all, let alone having a friendship with it.

We're living in this paradoxial time of being more connected than ever before in history, yet at the same time, we're more disconnected from ourselves than ever.

All born as natural movers, somewhere along the line of sedentary lifestyles, technology and poorly fitting shoes... We've lost a huge variety of movement, and therefore a huge part of ourselves. 

These classes are centered around moving in a functional, sustainable and smart way to help you build greater awareness of your breath and body.  All in an attempt to bring back some connection, community and a deep respect and love for all that makes us human.

About Amy...

Amy first became interested in the mind body connection when she was 19 years old at Drama school in London. The seed was planted during movement lessons, where she studied The Alexander Technique, Feldenkriess and Laban methods- all exploring movement as a tool to find a greater sense of self awareness and relaxation. This eventually led her into Yoga, which she felt connected all the dots. Amy went on to train in Ashtanga Vinyasa at The Himalaya Yoga Valley, then took her training further with Advanced Anatomy Course (Flow Yoga, Lucy and Ben Parker) and pregnancy and post-natal and Mum and Baby teacher training (Sally Parkes), Her mission is to help you build a smarter and more sustainable yoga practice, that will help you move, feel and live better. 


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