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Pregnancy Yoga 5:30-6:30pm

@ Flourish Wellness, Penshurst











Pregnancy yoga can help alleviate the common symptoms associated with pregnancy as well as providing an opportunity for you to connect to your changing body and growing baby.

In this course, you will learn what changes are occurring physiologically in your body and how to create a holistic movement practice that will support you throughout all trimesters, including preparation for labour and birth.

Amy's mission is to help you build a smarter and more sustainable yoga practice, that will help them you move well through pregnancy, and to rebuild and recover after labour and birth.





Recovery Flow 6-7pm

@ Flow Tunbridge Wells










A mid-week reset class. A nurturing yoga practice to re-group, recentre and return back home to ourselves. With focus on centre strength, movement of ball & socket joints, mobility work and re-establishing a sense of connection. This class is designed to ground you yet offer medicinal moments of movement to encourage blood flow and investigate any soreness or tension that might be residing within the tissues. Helping you to embody a more safe, resilient and relaxed state of being. Suitable for all.


Yoga Stretch 8-9pm

@ Flourish, Kingdom (Penshurst)













This practice is perfect if you are looking to gently stretch every major area in the body. Bring a healing touch to the shoulders, chest, back, legs and spine.  This class incorporates the effectiveness of both dynamic and passive stretching, a great compliment to any dynamic form of exercise and for those looking to gain more flexibility and mobility in their body. All levels and experiences are welcome.

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