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It is no secret that living in a technology-based culture is having much

more of an effect on us than we could ever have anticipated.


With longer hours of sitting at computer desks and in cars than ever

before, and being able to do pretty much anything from our phones,

we are living in a time where movement has been almost entirely 

replaced by convenience. Employees are now constantly contactable,

increasing stress and anxiety levels tenfold.

The emphasis on wellbeing has never been more important, and if we aren't careful we run the risk of completely losing our ability to move intelligently, and who knows what detrimental effect that is having on our mental state.

Yoga is unique because of it is the the only form of exercise that helps improve mobility, flexibility, strength and focus whilst reducing stress and anxiety at the same time.

 it is also extremely easy to incorporate into your employees wellness routine as the only equipment required are some yoga mats. It can be conducted from anywhere in your office- a conference room or an empty lunchroom.

The future of business and its sustainability lies in the mental health and wellness of its employees and more and more businesses are holding weekly classes to address this.


What can Yoga do for your business?

Yoga in the workplace has been proven to increase employee productivity and decrease stress and anxiety, reducing absences and staff turnover. One of the most common workplace complaints for people at desk jobs is back pain. A study published in the Occupational medicine journal shows how after an eight week trial of 50 minute yoga classes, participants were found to have significantly less back pain, lower stress as well as greater self-assurance, serenity and concentration compared to the people who weren’t taking the class. Yoga promotes a healthy work/life balance increasing employee morale.


 Amy works with Southpaw Advertising Agency, Iceni Projects, The Priory , UCFB, Equals and KHL UK delivering tailor made corporate Yoga services.

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